December 2015

The following improvements have been made to our eservices this month:

Registers Direct

Prefix on application record

Any prefix included on land register application (including advance notices) will now show when viewing the said notice on Registers Direct. Please note this will only show for application received from 23 November 2015.


Shared and sharing plots on application record on Registers Direct

The application record now includes a new field for displaying related shared or sharing plot application details. Please note that the necessary links are not currently in place and therefore for a short time ALL applications will display "Not Applicable" in this field.



Wrong addressed populated on form cloned from "deed over part of a registered plot"

This issue where the Parent Title address was, incorrectly, populating the subjects address on a form cloned from a 'deed over part of a registered plot' has now been resolved.

eForms download draft

We have implemented a 'download draft' button on each of the pages in the application form. This allows customers to generate a correctly formatted application form in PDF format, containing all information keyed so far.  Customers can edit and share the form as many times as needed before submission without the form actually being submitted.

Advance Notices

Since designated day, customers have expressed an interest in being able to save and return to an Advance Notice, as well as being able to share it both internally and externally before submission.

Save and share functionality is currently available on our eForms service via the 'Save and exit' button. Initially, we will be introducing identical functionality for Advance Notices and a function to download a PDF of the draft advance notice prior to submission. We will then continue to further research the usability of the solution to see where further improvements can be made.


Improvements have been made to our systems which will lead to improved performance of the notifications process.

Telephone number in an Advance Notice form

When completing an Advance Notice form, the telephone number is now extracted directly from the details held in relation to the user's eServices username and pre-populated into the Advance Notice form.