July 2015

The following improvements have been made to our eservices this month:

Registers Direct

Land Register title schedules

In order to enhance the view, schedules on Land Register title sheets will include lined rows and columns when emailed or printed.


Property Sections for SEA titles

A schedule showing the Ordnance Survey co-ordinates for each SEA title will be included in the property section.


Additional information

The additional information field on Application Search results has been expanded from a maximum of 250 characters to a maximum of 1000 characters.


Dual Registration

An application form for Dual Registration, where the application type is 'Deed over part of registered plot' and the dual registration is over the Parent Title, can now be completed on eForms.

To ensure the correct fee is calculated, applicants using the eform to dual register such deeds, should enter the details of the parent title number twice. This can be done by clicking 'Add another' and re-entering the parent title number.