June 2015

Following customer feedback, from 29 June 2015 a number of improvements have been made to our eservices:

eForms enhancements

Deed inventory

When 10 or more deeds are added to the inventory, and subsequently added to a question, the deeds selected show in numberical order.


Finish and download pdf

The finish button has been updated to show this also allows for downloading PDF of completed form.



All deeds added to the deed inventory now appear on the summary page.


Non-monetary consideration

The option to choose 'Dual Registration' has been removed from the non-monetary consideration drop down menu (the dual registration element is given effect to by narrating the additional title number(s) in the deed and entering these on the form).

Character set display

RoS online services support the ISO-8859-1 character set. More details can be found at on our character-set-display-page.

If characters are entered into advance notices or eForms that are not supported by this character set, these will be replaced with �. If you enter an unsupported character, an error message will appear and you will be unable to submit the application


Clone from eForm without a date of entry

There now exists the option to complete an application form requiring a date of entry by cloning the details from one that did not require a date of entry eg from a Standard Security to a Disposition.


Common areas

The help text on the common areas question has been expanded to improve understanding of what could be considered to be a shared plot under the 2012 Act.


Plot number on application details

Confirmation has been added that the plot number referred to on an eForm for deed over part of a registered plot only relates to a Development Plan Approval (DPA) plot number.



Only the declaration relevant to the particular application will now show on the completed PDF.




Voluntary registrations

Where the application type has been selected as voluntary registration, on calculating the fee a 25% reduction will be reflected. Please note, this will not be 'live' until 30 June, the date The Registers of Scotland (Voluntary Registration, Amendment of Fees, etc.) Order 2015 comes into effect.


Monetary consideration

Users will note that "0" is not a valid entry in the monetary consideration field. This should be left blank if there is no monetary consideration in the application.


Multiple Plots Over Same Title Number

We have made it clearer that multiple plots over the same title number should be entered in the description of plot field. Users will now see a warning message if trying to enter a title number more than once.


Please note that it is currently not possible to prepare an application form for Dual Registration, where the application type is 'Deed over part of registered plot' and the dual registration is over the Parent Title, on eForms. Until further notice, application forms for this type of application to the Land Register must be prepared by using the pdf version of the form. We are currently working on this issue and hope to achieve a quick resolution.

Amalgamated titles

Acceptance notifications will now be issued for both the continuing and closing title(s). The notification for the closing title(s) will contain the link to the updated title version of the continuing title.

Disposition (evacuating survivorship destination)

A new deed type, Disposition (evacuating survivorship destination), has been created on eForms. This is applicable only to applications over the whole of a registered plot and the £60 fee will be automatically generated - there is no requirement to provide information on the value of the subjects.

Draft eForms

The period during which you can access a saved eForm has been extended from 50 to 120 days. Those forms that have been at draft stage for 49 days, or less, on the release of this enhancement will have the period automatically extended to 120 days.

For clarification, the maximum 120 day period starts when the eForm is first saved.


Additional text has been added to this question to assist users.

Burdens - additional text added to question 

Extension of warranty

In response to customer feedback, the default answer to the Extension of Warranty question is now set to 'no'.

Extension of warranty set to "no" by default