April 2016

Reports portal updates

We are committed to improving the online reports portal through a rolling programme of enhancements and fixes and we'd like to bring your attention to the most recent changes, implemented on 11 April 2016. For further information, please email reports@ros.gov.uk. Please be aware that our terms and conditions policy has also been updated.

View details of your submission

You are now able to view details of your submission (e.g. information / deeds electronically submitted with your request) after we've despatched your request or returned it as cannot be completed. Click the 'view reports' tab next to any particular request, then click the 'view submitted information' tab.

View submission info

New voluntary registration field

When ordering a report a new mandatory field has been added - 'Voluntary Registration'. Please tick 'Yes' to inform us if the imminent application for registration is voluntary, i.e. there is no transaction which will naturally induce registration.

Tick yes for voluntary registration

Invalid characters error message

If a file name contains an invalid character which is preventing a deed / plan being uploaded with your request, an error message will appear advising you to rename the file and remove the invalid characters.

Invalid characters

Continuation request error messages

A continuation request can no longer be submitted using a previous continuation request number (i.e. beginning PRR03 or PRR07). Please always use the original request reference number (e.g. beginning PRR01, PRR05) when ordering a continuation report. To clarify, you can still order multiple legal continuation reports within a 6 month period from the date of the original report. The first continuation report is free of charge; subsequent requests can be made using the original report reference number and will be charged at £25 plus vat.

Continuation request validation error