August 2016

Reports portal updates - 16 August

We are committed to improving the online reports portal through a rolling programme of enhancements and fixes and we'd like to bring your attention to the most recent changes. For further information please email

Level of report added to header

The level of plans report has been added to the completed report, e.g. Level 2 now appears as well as the PRR04 report code reference.

Cancelled requests

An auto-generated email will be sent when you cancel a request, confirming the action has been successful. You can cancel a request via the portal, providing its status is ‘submitted’.

eServices release - 1 August

We are committed to improving our customers’ online experience through a rolling programme of enhancements. We would like to bring your attention to the most recent improvements we have made to our eServices portal.

The new look eServices portal introduces improvements to the eServices home page and navigation menu, and replaces the eServices noticeboard with a ‘Latest News’ function.

Below is a short overview of some of the new features.

Latest news

Latest news can be accessed on any page from the link in the header bar. News items you have not read will display as new until you expand the content. Important news items are also flagged.

Latest news


Navigation has been improved by introducing a clearer menu which provides direct navigation to create a land register application form or advance notice, reducing the steps required to navigate between screens.



Guidance links have been collated onto one page that you can access from the menu.

Guidance help

My Settings

My Settings lets you change your password, and enables eForms, advance notices and reports users to update their email address and telephone number. This replaces ‘Your Details’ in eForms.

My Settings

Note: if you have saved a bookmark to a page which no longer exists, you will be redirected to the home page to navigate via the menu. You can then save a new bookmark.