June 2017

eForm updates - 22 June

Land registration application eforms expiry limit

We have changed the expiry policy for registration forms prepared through eForms on our online portal. Registration forms will now expire 120 days after the last update, rather than the date of creation.


Previously, if a form was started on 1 Jan 2017, and an update was made to the draft on 1 February 2017, the form would have expired on 1 May (120 days after 1 Jan).

Following this update, the eForm will expire on the 1 June 2017 (120 days after 1 Feb).

Final summary page shows validation errors

We have improved the validation report displayed on the final summary page of a registration form on eForms.

  • The validation summary will be displayed every time the user lands on the final summary screen
  • We have re-ordered the section names to match the order they appear through the form and the right-hand side navigation bar
  • Each item is clickable so users can jump straight to the area of the form that needs attention

eform validation summary