Plan drawing service

Plan drawing service

Preparing a plan to your specification

This pre-registration mapping service can be used when you know exactly the extent of the title you wish to register and where no title interpretation is required. We will prepare a new plan for you, in accordance with your instructions, while still meeting the keeper's deed plan criteria for registration.

What does it do?

The plan drawing service provides a mapped interpretation from your specifications, while meeting RoS deed plan criteria.

Who is it for?

The plan drawing service is for:

  • legal firms acting for land and property owners
  • land and property owners
  • public bodies
  • renewable energy sites

Key benefits

The plan drawing service has a number of key benefits.

  • Our team uses RoS geospatial expertise to produce a new customer-defined plan
  • Plans are prepared using Ordnance Survey MasterMap©
  • We ensure new plans meet our published deed plan criteria
  • This solution can help resolve issues raised from plans reports
  • We provide digital plans in PDF and SHP file formats

How much does it cost?

Prices for our plan drawing service are based on four levels of complexity. Our table of fees and examples shows you upfront how much you are likely to pay for the service.

If needed, a cadastral check can also be added as part of the service for an additional £35 + VAT at each level. We'll confirm pricing prior to obtaining your approval to procure the service.

These prices do not include VAT.

1Simple plus£125Includes cadastral check
2Medium plus£185Includes cadastral check
3Complex plus£335Includes cadastral check
4Highly complex£750 
4Highly complex plus£785Includes cadastral check

Complexity level examples

Level 1 - Simple (pdf)
Level 2 - Medium (pdf) 
Level 3 - Complex (pdf)
Level 4 - Highly complex (pdf) 

How to purchase

As a bespoke product, each plan drawing service request will be unique and vary in complexity. Upon application, we'll give you a timescale for completion along with a quote for costs.

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