Souvenir plots

As a consequence of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012, deeds of transfer (dispositions) can no longer be recorded in the General Register of Sasines. Accordingly, registration of a such deed in the Land Register is the only means by which a party can obtain a real right of ownership in land.

The 2012 Act provides that the keeper must accept an application for registration if it meets certain requirements, including the general application conditions laid out in s22 of the Act. One such condition specifically prevents the keeper from accepting an application for registration that relates to a souvenir plot. These are defined in s22(2) as a plot of land which is of inconsiderable size, no practical utility, is not registered in the Land Register, and in relation to which no deed constituting or transferring ownership has been previously recorded in the General Register of Sasines. This prohibition on registration of souvenir plots does not mean that a real right of ownership passes without registration.