Plans reports

Plans reports disclose potential issues that would invoke rejection when a plan is submitted as part of an application for registration.

The report won't comment on verbally described servitudes. It's your responsibility to ensure these meet registration requirements.

If your report includes servitude or ancillary areas, we will note any registered cadastral units in part 5 of the report (these will not be included on any extract provided). If your request is in respect of a servitude or ancillary areas a level 1 report only will be completed.

Purchase your report

When you order a plans report, you’ll need to supply us with a full bounding description of the plot and/or an upload of the plan in PDF format.

If you can’t upload a PDF, you can send us a copy by email to, or by post. If your plan is larger than 20MB, upload it to Egress Switch and send the ID code to

Use the additional information field of the application form to let us know when you’ve submitted information using these channels.

Common reasons for plans report request rejections

  • No plan/deed submitted with the request
  • Multiple coloured references on plan without information letting us know the interest in these references, such as ownership or common ownership servitude
  • Monochrome plan submitted when the deed refers to multiple coloured references
  • Address in deed differs from that entered within the request
  • No suitable description for flatted property
  • Plan scanned incorrectly – low resolution, not the entire plan is scanned, or plan is folded
  • All deeds referenced not uploaded
  • Deeds or plans uploaded with no indication as to if these are the subjects or excepted subjects
  • New development has no ordnance survey detail available. Development plan approval may be suitable for you in these cases

Plans report level 1 – basic comparison

Fee £35 + VAT

A level 1 plans report:

  • is a basic competition report
  • confirms whether the submitted plan or description meets our keeper's deed plan criteria
  • provides a list of any cadastral units which conflict with the subjects of the report
  • provides a list of cadastral units with relevant non-conflicting information from the cadastral map that affects the subjects of the report, such as rights of access and burdens (this will done for a report over registered subjects as these will already be noted in the title sheet)

Plans report level 2 – comparison with OS map

Fee £45 +VAT

A level 2 plans report:

  • provides all the information of a level 1 report
  • advises whether the  subjects' extent  corresponds with the relevant features as defined on the current version of the Ordnance Survey map
  • provides an illustrated extract showing any discrepancies

Plans report level 3 – comparison to OS map and cadastral map

£55 + VAT

A level 3 plans report:

  • provides all the information of a level 1 and level 2 report
  • discloses conflicts with existing cadastral units, including an illustrative print showing the extent of the competition
  • discloses registered shared areas which affect the subjects and provides an illustrative print identifying the affected extent
  • discloses relevant non-conflicting information from the cadastral map that affects the subjects of the report, such as rights of access and burdens

We may ask for digital data with requests that cover areas larger than 25 hectares or arbitrary shapes that do not follow Ordnance Survey (OS) features.

Send digital data to, quoting the request number at the point of submission of your report.

Continuation reports

All plans reports come with the option of one free continuation report.

A continuation report provides an update to the original report. It can be ordered any time within the six months of the initial report.

We only issue one continuation report in respect of each previously issued plans report.

Crown Copyright

Ordnance Survey data is subject to Crown Copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written permission of Ordnance Survey. In the absence of evidence to the contrary we will treat applications on the basis that the applicant has satisfied themselves that the requisite permission have been obtained.

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