Where to find boundary information

Boundaries are the invisible lines that mark the limits of any property you might own.

They are often marked by physical features, such as walls or hedges, but such features may not show the complete picture.

It's important to understand where your property boundaries lie.

Accurate boundary information can help resolve disputes as to who owns a piece of ground, or who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of boundary features.

Boundaries can be complex and easily misunderstood. We recommend seeking legal advice if you notice a problem.

The first place to look

You can search the land register by postcode for free.

The search will display property information along with a view of the cadastral map. The map will show the registered extent of the property. Boundaries are generally shown with a red line.

We can also use other methods, such as tinting a whole area, where appropriate.

The property registers

You can order documents depending on whether your property is registered in the land register or recorded in the sasine register.

From March 1981 the individual counties moved across to the land register. You can find when your county moved to the land register on the full list of counties.

Further information

If you want a more detailed look at boundaries, check out our Knowledge Base guide.

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