Why land registration matters

Registers of Scotland maintains the oldest continuous land register in the world and Scotland has enjoyed its benefits for more than 400 years.

In 1617 land registration began in Scotland when the General Register of Sasine was established for the benefit of land owners as a very early anti-fraud measure. Since then things have evolved but the basic principle remains.

A land register is a publically accessible register of property rights; most, like ours, are underpinned by state guarantee.

The benefits of land registration

A land register is considered beneficial to government, citizens and the economy.

Land registration offers certainty of title to property owners, potential purchasers and lenders, as with a land register you can prove ownership of what you are selling or borrowing against.

This certainty of title gives businesses confidence to lend against or invest in property which can help development, future planning, infrastructure and so forth.

Our Land Register offers other benefits such as:

  • properties identified and shown on the Ordnance Survey Map
  • clarity of what rights benefit and burdens effect properties
  • easier to search on
  • quicker and cheaper to transact on

Our Land Register is now searchable online with Scotlis.

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