Plan services FAQs

Your charges table says your fee is per title or breakaway deeds.Ten registered titles affect my client's subjects. Will this count towards the fee?

Yes. We count affecting registered titles as part of the examination process. This is not always immediately evident but is something we will take into account when costing your request.

A plans report has stated my deed plan isn't suitable for registration purposes. Can you prepare a new plan which can be used as a deed plan?

Yes. We will interpret the deed plan onto the current Ordnance Survey MasterMap© producing a new plan that will be suitable for registration purposes subject to your approval.

Do you provide paper copies of plans?

We are primarily a digital service and provide plans in electronic format by default. However, paper copies can be provide on request for an additional fee of £50.00+VAT per plan for plans of A2 to A0 size. Single copies of A4 and A3 paper plans can be provided free of any additional fee.

If I need a change to a plan you've sent me, will I be charged?

If the amendment is to a plan prepared as part of a plan assistance service request and is made within 6 months of completion then amendments are not usually charged. If the amendment is due to additional information not previously submitted or is made more than 6 months after completion of the plan then a fee may apply.

Can RoS supply copy deeds?

We are able to provide copies of deeds. A charge of £16.00+VAT per deed will be applicable. Requests should be made through our copy deeds copy deeds request service.

Do I still need to get a plans report after receiving a plan from you?

The plans we provide are suitable for registration purposes and at the time of provision should not overlap with any existing cadastral unit. You may use the plan assistance report number when completing the application for registration form - part B in place of a plans report. 

However, you may need to request up-to-date or additional information not disclosed as part of the plan assistance service.

The plan assistance service has indicated a registered title overlaps with part of my client's land. Where can I find information about rectification?

Please contact our post-registration enquiries and rectifications team with your enquiry.

I have digital map data that needs to be amended to exclude existing cadastral units. Can the plan assistance service help?

Yes. As long as your data is referenced to the British National Grid and submitted in shapefile format (.shp), drawing exchange format (.dxf) or autoCAD drawing format (.dwg) we should be able to provide you with updated data that excludes any existing cadastral units. The cost is likely to be dependent on the number of cadastral units.

Can you prepare a plan showing the residue of a parent title?

Yes. This would be subject to costs, dependent on the number of registered transfers of part that require examination.

What deeds does the plan assistance service need to see?

We need to see the foundation titles that make up the original extent of the land to be examined. Ideally we prefer to have all foundation and alienation (transaction) deeds but we can work with the foundation titles and an inventory of deeds itemising descriptive and alienation writs.

Can the plan assistance service search for the ownership of an area of land?

No, we no longer provide this service. Please direct your query to our ownership search service.

Will my application for registration be completed quicker?

Regardless of whether or not your plans have been prepared by the plan assistance service, all applications are subject to the same service level agreements. However, in some instances that the mapping of the title plan may be more streamlined during the registration process.

Do I still need to submit title deeds with my application for registration if they have already been examined by the plan assistance service?

Yes. All documentation relevant to the application should be submitted to legally be considered part of the application.

I have digital data prepared by plan assistance for properties I am seeking to register. Do I still need to submit this data with my application and provide full details?

You are still required to submit the data by sending it to along with PDF versions of the plan(s). You don't need to provide data or description labelling details. You need only provide the plan assistance service reference number and state that the data has been prepared by the plan assistance service. No other information is required.