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  1. Trade union facility time 2020-21

    28 July 2021

    Facility time generates benefits for employees, managers and the wider community from effective joint working between union representatives and employers. A number of studies have shown that union workplaces tend to be safer and that trade unions

  2. Board minutes - March 2021

    23 June 2021

    Board minutes and papers for March 2021.

  3. KPI update January - March 2021

    24 May 2021

    An update on our key performance indicators for the last quarter of 2020/21.

  4. Civil Service people survey 2020

    11 May 2021

    Download our 2020 Civil Service people survey.

  5. Equalities mainstreaming report 2019-21

    29 April 2021

    Equalities mainstreaming report 2019-2021.

  6. Data protection policy

    2 April 2021

    1. Purpose and scope. 1.1 This policy sets out the commitment of the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland (RoS) to exercise best practice when processing personal data, to comply with data protection law (including the General Data Protection

  7. Corporate plan 2021 - 2026

    31 March 2021

    Download our most recent corporate plan.

  8. Board minutes - November 2020

    24 March 2021

    Board minutes and papers for November 2020.

  9. Digital submissions analysis

    22 March 2021

    An analysis of the responses to our public consultation.

  10. Foreword from the Keeper

    22 March 2021

    Innovating in the digital space is a fundamental part of what we do at Registers of Scotland (RoS). There is a very good reason for this: digital solutions are what our customers want because they deliver the high quality service they have come to