Scottish Landlord Register

The Scottish Landlord Register is the official register of Scottish landlords.

You can:

This register allows landlords to comply with the landlord registration requirements in Scotland and helps to improve standards for the 700,000 people whose home is in the private rented sector.

The Scottish Landlord Register is fully accessible. It allows:

  • the public to search the public register of registered landlords in Scotland
  • private landlords (or anyone managing rental property on their behalf) to apply for, manage and renew their registration in one place
  • Scotland’s 32 local authorities to maintain the register in their area

Private landlords in Scotland are legally required to apply for registration with their local authority. Operating as an unregistered landlord is a criminal offence.

A registration number shows that a landlord is approved by the local authority to let property.

Landlords must renew their application every three years.


Contact your local authority for more information.

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