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There are two main property registers in Scotland - the land register and the sasine register.

Land register

It’s possible to find land and property information for registered titles by searching the land register.

You can search the land register to:

  • find property prices
  • view boundaries on a map
  • check if land or property is on the land register

To find out more information, including current owners, you can purchase the title sheet at the cost of £3 + VAT.

Find out what date your county became operational in the Land Register by viewing our Land Register counties and operational dates publication.

We don't have information on:

  • when a property was built
  • how many bedrooms a property has
  • a phone number for the current owner
  • details of alterations or building works on a property

You can get help tracing the history of buildings from National Records of Scotland.

Sasine register

If the property is in the sasine register, this search must be done manually.

You can use our property help service to find a property in the sasine register.

The cost is £30 + VAT per property.

You will receive a copy of the properties search sheet which provides information on:

  • current and historical owners
  • a chronological list of recorded deeds that affect the property

To find out more information on land registered titles, including current owners, you can search the land register to purchase title sheets at the cost of £3 + VAT each.

Property help service

If you can’t find a property but have the postal address, you can use our property help service.

Land title investigation service

If you’re searching for land or property with no postal address, you can use our land title investigation service.

Rented property

If a property is privately rented, you can search the landlord register.

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