General Register of Sasines

The sasine register is the oldest national public land register in the world, dating back to 1617.

You can:

This register consists of a chronological list of land deeds, which contain written descriptions of properties.

Since the 1870s, properties in the sasine register have had chronological lists of deeds called search sheets.

Search sheets provide:

  • a description of the title
  • deed details
  • current and previous owners’ names
  • the price paid for each transfer or sale of the title
  • all recorded deeds that affect the title
  • current and previous mortgage entries

We’re gradually replacing the sasine register with the map-based Land Register of Scotland. We will close the sasine register by 2024.

The sasine register is closed to the registration of deeds relating to:

  • dispositions
  • standard securities
  • leases
  • assignations of leases
  • registered plots of land or leases registered in the land register

You can still record some deeds, including:

  • discharges of standard securities
  • improvement grants
  • guardianship orders

Find out more about the history of the sasine register on our history page.


If you have an online services login, you can register a deed in the sasine register using our intelligent, responsive eForms. If you don't have a login, use the pdf form.

Sasine application form (pdf, 809KB)


View step-by-step guidance on filling in the sasine application form.

See a breakdown of registration fees in the sasine register.

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