Land Register of Scotland

The land register is our main register. It records ownership of land and property in Scotland.

You can:

Introduced in 1981, the land register is based on the Ordnance Survey map. It contains plans of registered properties, and provides property owners with a state-backed guarantee of title.

Every property has a title sheet, which defines the extent of a property on a map and provides details of:

  • current owners
  • price
  • mortgage details
  • conditions affecting the property

The land register is gradually replacing the General Register of Sasines. We aim to have all of Scotland registered on the land register by 2024.


If you have an online services login, you can use our responsive eForm to complete your application for registration in the land register. If you don't have a login, use a pdf application form.

Application for registration: interactive form (pdf, 573KB)

Application for registration: non-interactive form (pdf, 312KB)

Application relating to a caveat (pdf, 350KB)

Application to vary warranty (pdf, 348KB)

Notification by a prescriptive claimant (pdf, 340KB)

Notification of an inaccuracy in the land register (pdf, 390KB)

Identification form for non-legally qualified applicants (pdf, 174KB)

When you use our forms, you are submitting personal data. Please see our privacy statement for information on how we process personal data.

Historical ownership

If specifically requested, we can conduct a historical ownership search of the land register.

We need:

  • the address of the property
  • the date range you want to search, e.g. between 1998 and 2008
  • whether you want to search the previous owner or all previous owners within the defined period


The cost for historical ownership searches on the land register can vary.

We charge £16+VAT for every change of ownership during the predefined date range.

We will call to inform you of the total cost and find out if you wish to proceed.

Please complete the ownership search form, and submit your information in the additional comment box.


Find out more about our registration fees.

Visit the Knowledge Base for a complete suite of guidance covering the land register and the registration process.

The Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 governs the land register.

If you have further enquiries, get in touch using our contact form.

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