Registration stages

We accept most registration applications first time but they can be rejected at any stage of the process.

There are four stages to the registration process:

  1. a basic examination of the application
  2. categorisation of the application
  3. an examination of the plans
  4. a legal requirements check

If your application passes these stages, you have a registered title.

Basic examination

When you submit your application, we load it onto our systems and give it a basic examination.

Checks at this stage:

The timescale at this stage is one day.


Categorisation is a more detailed look at your application.

Our categories are:

  • standard
  • complex

Standard applications are usually completed within 20 working days

Complex applications can take up to six months.

Plans examination

We’ll examine your deeds, plans and compare the boundaries to the cadastral map.

If your deeds and plans are suitable, we’ll create a cadastral map entry.

The timescale at this stage depends on your application’s categorisation.

Checks at this stage:

Legal examination

If everything is acceptable, we’ll archive and dispatch your documentation.

We’ll send you an email notification containing a link to your title sheet and an extract of the cadastral map.

Our legal officers will:

  • check that deeds and forms meet legal requirements
  • search the Register of Inhibitions and Adjudications
  • edit deeds
  • enter information onto our systems

The timescale at this stage again depends on your application’s categorisation.

Contact us

You can call our customer service team on 0800 169 9391 for help with completing your application.

We also provide more detailed guidance on the land registration process.

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