How to avoid application rejections

General application checklist

When reviewing your application, check that the:

  • deed has been signed correctly, ensure that any individuals acting in a particular capacity (such as director of a company) are narrated in the deed as doing so, and that any witness is fully named and designed.
  • information in the application form matches the information in the deed to be registered
  • parties to the deed are fully designated
  • plans or schedules annexed to the deed are properly incorporated
  • plans/descriptions included in the deed are sufficient to allow the extent and/or references for burdens/servitudes to be mapped
  • LBTT requirements are met
  • SAF forms, if required, are included (either for joint recording, or for the purpose of dual registration of any new servitudes/real burdens)
  • SAF forms are not submitted as supporting documents
  • correct application type and land register application form are used
  • deed uploaded via the digital submission service is the correct deed

This is not an exhaustive list.

For detailed information on rejections, read about the One-Shot Rule.

Checklists by application type

Find out the best way to submit your application by registration type.

First registration

First registration is when land or property enters Land Register for the first time. Read our top tips for first registrations.

Automatic Plot registration

If you’re registering leases read our tips on automatic plot registration.

Voluntary Registration

Ensure that your voluntary registration application has everything it needs to be registered successfully.

Digital application

General advice to reduce rejections

There are articles on

The one-shot checklist  goes into detail about:

  • the different checks an application goes through at each stage
  • how it may result in a rejection.

Read the one shot rule checklist.

The How to create a successful application webinar details:

  • Why we reject some applications and top reasons for rejection
  • What we have done to reduce rejections
  • Requirements for a successful application

View the webinar recording.

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