Property boundaries

It's important to understand where your property boundaries lie.

They’re often marked by physical features such as walls or hedges.

Accurate boundary information can help resolve disputes about:

  • who owns a piece of ground
  • who is responsible for maintaining boundary features

We recommend that you take legal advice if you consider there to be any problems with your boundaries.

View our guide to interpreting title plans and understanding legal boundaries in the Land Register.

Where to find your boundaries

You can search the land register by postcode or by map.

The search will display property information along with a view of the cadastral map.

The map will show the registered extent of the property. Boundaries are generally shown with a red line.

We can also use other methods, such as tinting a whole area, where appropriate.

Sasine properties

If your property is on the older sasine register, breakaway deeds may contain a detailed description of the property boundaries.

This can help determine the limits of your property. Many sasine deeds of this type will also include a plan, but many will not.

There can also be a wide variation in the quality and detail included on these plans.

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