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The copy deeds service is primarily an ordering service for Land Register, Sasine and Register of Deeds copy deeds.

It’s possible to find land and property information for registered titles by searching the land register.

If you have a ScotLIS Business account, you can now self-serve Sasine and Register of Deeds copy deeds.

If you wish to order a specific deed, you’ll be asked for details such as:

  • registration date
  • recording date
  • title number
  • parties.

If you have used services previously and have all the required information available, click the button below.

Order copy deeds

If you do not have all the required information, you may wish to consider a Property Search or Land Title Investigation.

If you wish to ask a general question or carry out an archive search of The Land Register of Scotland, contact our Property Information Team at searches@ros.gov.uk.

Find out how you can search and order from the Register of Deeds.

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