Order a copy of a deed

Use this service to order a copy of a deed from our registers.

You can order deeds which tell you who owns land in Scotland.

Properties in the land register have title sheets, while properties in the sasine register have search sheets.

You can order either a plain copy or an extract.

A plain copy is sufficient for the majority of purposes. An extract carries evidential status and is used for court purposes.

A plain copy:

  • £16 + VAT
  • Emailed to customer
  • Scanned copy of a deed

An extract:

  • £30 + VAT
  • Sent by post
  • Carries evidential status for court purposes

We aim to supply plain copies within two working days. An extract will be supplied within five working days.

We’ll send you an invoice with your deed copy.

Before you start

What you'll need to order a copy of a deed depends on the register and what kind of deed you need.

If you are a business account holder, you will need your FAS account number for your specific office.

Find out more about what a search can tell you

For the Land Register of Scotland you need:

  • the title number
  • granter and grantee name, if you need a deed other than a title sheet

Find a title number on ScotLIS.

If you don’t have these details, request an ownership search and include the specific deed you require in the additional comments box.

For deeds on the General Register of Sasines you need:

  • granter and grantee name
  • date of recording
  • county of registration

Providing a deed reference will help us identify the correct deed.

For deeds on the Register of Deeds you need:

  • granter and grantee name
  • date of registration

If you don’t know the date, please use the copy deed form to request a search for a fee of £20 +VAT. This will include the cost of the plain copy.

If you don’t know the date  and you require an extract, please be aware that the cost of the extract is not included in the search fee. The extract will cost  £30 + VAT and an additional £20+VAT.

If you believe your deed is recorded before 1993 please contact National Records of Scotland.

Learn more about what can be registered in the Register of Deeds.

In person search requests

You can also request a copy of a deed at one of our offices.


If you're in any doubt about your requirements, contact your solicitor or our customer service team.

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