Title documents

Title documents are official records relating to a particular property.

A property’s title documents will include:

  • A title sheet
  • A title plan

Title sheets

Title sheets contain four sections along with a unique code called a title number. The property’s title number will be at the top of the title sheet.

You can search the land register to find a property's title number for free.

Property section

The property section includes the postal address of the property, if there is one. It contains a description of the property/land and any associated rights.

Proprietorship section

The proprietorship section shows the current registered proprietor. This is likely to be the current owner.

It will explain any special arrangements of how the property is owned.

It may also contain information on how to transfer the property in the event of the death of one of the proprietors.

Securities section

The Securities section includes details of any mortgages over the property.

Burdens section

The Burdens section contains details of obligations on the property owner.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Building and maintenance of boundary walls
  • Maintenance and use of common areas
  • Share of roof repairs for a tenement property
  • What the property can be used for, be it commercial, residential or agricultural

These burdens will have been set up in deeds that have been recorded or registered. Some burdens can be hundreds of years old.

Title plans

A title plan shows the extent and boundaries of a property on a map.

Boundaries are the lines that mark the limits of your property. They’re often marked by physical features such as walls or hedges.

Your title plan will mark property boundaries with a red line.

View our guide to interpreting title plans and understanding legal boundaries in the Land Register.

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You can order title documents from our registers.


If you're struggling to understand your title sheet, you should seek legal advice.

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