Register land and property (RLP)

Register land and property (RLP) simplifies the process of registering deeds.

How it works

RLP enables you to create a case which connects related advance notices, applications and submissions.

Bringing these together:

  • removes the need to move between services
  • minimises data entry
  • reduces the time spent registering deeds
  • allows you to manage cases through a searchable dashboard

Watch our demo video:

Supported applications

RLP can be used for transactions involving:

  • The whole of a single title - all deed types except deeds relating to leases
  • Transfers of a residential plot in a new build housing development – dispositions, standard securities, deeds of restriction and ranking agreements

Not yet supported:

  • Transfers of part which are not a residential plot in a new build housing development
  • Applications involving unregistered land (FRs/VRs/APRs/Sasines)
  • Applications involving multiple titles

Support for more application types will be introduced in future.


  • Dashboard enabling you to access, view and progress all cases created by your organisation – so no need to save links to forms
  • Import proprietor names and/or subjects addresses, and copy parties already entered for one deed when adding another
  • Search for a creditor and select from a list – no need to type lender addresses and numbers
  • Search for English and Welsh addresses by postcode – in addition to Scottish addresses
  • Submit your application directly from your case without having to type in the alpha code for your forms
  • Track the status of your advance notice and applications in your case – see instantly when they’re submitted and registered

Accessing RLP

Access RLP from the online services homepage.

All organisations who currently use our online registration services  (registration forms, advance notices and digital submission) can use RLP.

Learn more

Find out more about RLP supporting discharges and by watching our recent webinars.

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