What we do

Registers of Scotland (RoS) is responsible for keeping public registers of land, property, and other legal documents in Scotland.

We are headed by the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland who is directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament.

We aim to:

  • register all public land by 2019
  • be a fully digital organisation by 2020
  • complete the Land Register of Scotland by 2024.

Our registers

We are responsible for public records, including the Land Register of Scotland and the General Register of Sasines.

See the registers we hold.

Status and funding

We are a not part of the Scottish Government. We raise our own funds by charging fees for our services.

We also collect Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) for Revenue Scotland.

Why land registration matters

A land register is a publically accessible register of property rights. Most, like ours, are underpinned by state guarantee.

It is considered beneficial to government, citizens and the economy.

Land registration offers certainty of title to property owners, potential purchasers and lenders.

With a land register, you can prove ownership of what you are selling or borrowing against.

Our land register:

  • gives businesses confidence to lend against or invest in property
  • identifies property on the Ordnance Survey Map
  • gives clarity of what rights benefit and burdens affect properties
  • is easier to search
  • is quicker and cheaper to transact on

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