Corporate Social Responsibility

Information on our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Registers of Scotland

RoS seeks to make a positive contribution in the workplace and to the society in which we operate.

We will:

  • ensure all our strategies are environmentally and socially responsible
  • have a positive impact on communities
  • adopt a proactive approach to sustainable development

CSR is integrated across our organisation, focusing on three main areas:

Cultural and Social



Our Social Impact Pledges

We have made a public commitment to increase our social impact.

The Social Impact Pledge is a Scottish Government initiative hosted on the Communities Channel Scotland website. It asks public sector organisations across Scotland to commit to increasing their social impact by making a public commitment to change their current operations or policies.

By taking the Social Impact Pledge we will push to create the conditions that enable people, places, and communities to act on what matters to them.

To find out how we will achieve our pledges, read our short blog.

Learn more

We want to:

  • create a wider awareness and visibility of our CSR activities
  • encourage engagement and participation
  • work with those who share the same values

Find out more about our staffing groups and upcoming activity through InsideRoS and our social media channels.

Read more on the Social Impact Pledge and to find out how to get involved.

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