Land title investigation service

It’s possible to search the land register for areas of land or property with no postal address.

You can use our search by map tool to draw an area of ground that we can search for you.

Ownership search

Investigations of the registers for areas of land can be time consuming and complex. They are carried out by our highly experienced search team who are on hand to help you with your questions.

Investigations are charged at £60 + VAT per area outlined.

You will receive detailed written information on three titles or fewer for this price and:

  • a response outlining the ownership status of the property
  • a list of supporting documents you may want to purchase
  • a link to purchase the title sheet on ScotLIS if any part of the request is registered in the Land Register

On the rare occasion where it is not possible to identify an owner, we will aim to provide as much information and guidance as possible regarding your next steps.

If there are more than three titles within the area submitted, we will charge an additional fee of £54 + vat per hour.

We will get in touch before proceeding if this is the case.

Business account holders

If you hold a business account you can order a search through our online services.

Emailing us

If you wish to email your enquiry, you can submit your request to stating -

  • you accept the fee of £60 +VAT per land title investigation or £30 +VAT per property title investigation
  • if you are an account holder, your FAS number
  • if you are not an account holder, your full billing address
  • a full postal address or plan of sufficient quality for the boundaries of the area of interest

Requests by email for properties in the land register title will be charged at £30 + VAT per title.

Our current service level agreement is up to 5-7 working days.

Purchasing supporting documents

There will be an additional fee of £25 plus VAT for each supporting document purchased. This fee is set by legislation.

This includes a search sheet which is a chronological list of deeds recorded against a property or area of land in the sasine register or a plain copy of any deed recorded in the sasine register, registered in the land register or pending registration.

Reasons for purchasing additional documents:

  • looking to establish boundaries
  • need documented proof of ownership

Not all boundary deeds come with plans and they may only describe the boundaries of ownership.

You can order a deed through our copy deeds service.

You can get help tracing the history of buildings from National Records of Scotland.

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