Types of deed copy

When you order deeds from Registers of Scotland, you’ll be offered a choice of copy type.

Copy types

You can order three types of copies, depending on which register you order your deed from:

  • a plain copy
  • an extract
  • a certified copy

Plain copies

This is a deed that is simply a copy of the original deed.

How to use plain copies

Plain copies are used to replace missing or damaged title sheets or deeds. They can only be used for information purposes.

Plain copies are sent by email.

Extracts and certified copies

Extracts and certified copies from the Land Register have equivalent legal status to the original document.

They can be used where a higher evidential standard is required, for example, as part of court proceedings. Extracts of deeds registered in the Register of Deeds can also be used for diligence purposes.

How to use extracts and certified copies

This type of copy is used in court.

You can order:

  • an extract of a registered deed
  • a certified copy of a deed undergoing registration

Extracts for the Register of Deeds and certified copies are sent by post.

Extracts for the Land Register of Scotland and the General Register of Sasines are issued as electronic documents.

If you’re unsure what copy to order

If you need further assistance or to advise if a digital extract is not suitable for your purposes, contact deeds@ros.gov.uk outlining your request.

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