Update the land register

You can request that we update the land register to reflect a change to your circumstances outwith a standard sale.

Updating the register is a process controlled by law.

A change of ownership is a complex legal process. We recommend that you use the services of a solicitor.

Change of ownership

An ownership change is where ownership of land or property is transferred to a new owner.

An ownership change can result from a change in your circumstances, for example:

  • death of co-proprietor
  • property inheritance
  • a change to co-ownership or sole ownership

Death of co-proprietor

Some titles have a special destination known as a survivorship clause, for example, equally and survivor. This transfers the deceased’s property share to the co-proprietor.

If you have a survivorship clause, we can update (rectify) the register on provision of evidence of death i.e. a full extract death certificate and confirmation, from a solicitor, of non-evacuation of the destination. Otherwise, we will require the registration of a deed in the land register.

Find out more about how to register a change of owner.


If you have inherited a property following the death of a proprietor, we recommend speaking to a solicitor.

They will be able to talk you through the appropriate process depending on your circumstances.

Add your partner as a co-proprietor

If you’ve recently married or entered into a relationship you might want to give a portion of your property to your partner.

This change of ownership would require the registration of a deed called a disposition.

We recommend you seek independent legal advice before doing so.

Remove a co-proprietor

You will need the consent of the co-proprietor if you want to remove them from the ownership of a property. This change of ownership will also require the registration of a disposition.

If you have recently divorced, this isn’t of itself enough to transfer ownership of a property.

We recommend you seek independent legal advice for all ownership transfers.

Change of name

A change of name can show a company’s new name or a change of name on marriage or divorce for an individual.

Ownership is not affected when a name is changed.

You can notify us of a change of name using our notification of inaccuracy form (PDF, 390KB).

Use of the form isn't mandatory. We encourage its use since the standardised questions will help you provide all the information we need.

We don’t charge a fee to make these changes.

You’re not legally required to change your name on the land register. This does not affect your ownership of the property or your ability to sell.

If you were to sell or remortgage, the solicitor acting in these transactions would inform us of your change of name. We would then update your title.

You can read detailed guidance on inaccuracies in the land register.


You should provide evidence that supports your change of name request.

For example, for an individual, we need to see evidence linking the person in their new name and the affected property.

This could be:

  • a letter from a solicitor confirming it is the same individual
  • an address and former address written in a sworn statement or written confirmation

The onus is on the party requesting a change of name to identify all affected title numbers.

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