Legal reports

Legal reports provide reassurance that transactions are within the title and are unaffected by an entry to the Register of Inhibitions (ROI).

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When conducting a search of the Register of Inhibitions, we only require the name and address of the person.

We endeavour to issue legal reports within 24 hours of receiving your request.

PRR01 - Unregistered subjects

This report is for unregistered subjects that are held in the General Register of Sasines.

When ordering this report include your most up to date reference in the General Register of Sasines or any reference numbers of any previous reports conducted by Registers of Scotland.

Please note for any split offs/alienations/carry outs to be shown on the report, narrate the instruction as 'The above subjects are the whole subjects described in the deed'. If the instruction in the report is narrated as 'The above subjects are part of the subjects described in the deed' then no split offs/alienations or carry outs will be shown as they no longer form part of the title.

Fee:  £55 + VAT

The report discloses:

  • 10 years prescriptive progress of title
  • undischarged standard securities within the last 40 years
  • discharges of standard securities recorded within the last five years
  • other deeds which affect the subjects recorded within the last 40 years
  • extant advance notices
  • adverse entries in the ROI

PRR02 - Registered subjects

Legal report over subjects registered in the Land Register of Scotland.

This report ensures title number and county are correct, to prevent inaccuracies.

Fee: £50 + VAT

The report discloses:

  • deeds registered after the date of registration which affect the subjects (e.g. standard securities and discharges)
  • deeds in the course of registration which may affect the subjects
  • extant advance notices or caveats
  • adverse entries in the ROI

Continuation reports

All legal reports come with the option of one free continuation report. You can order a continuation report any time within the six months of the initial report.

Continuation reports provide an update to the original report, as reports are only correct on the day of issue. Continuation reports offer additional assurance and security during a property transaction. Your first continuation report is free. Further reports cost £25 each, plus VAT.

If you have previously ordered a continuation report over the same subject, please include the previous report's number.

Advance notices

Legal reports over registered and unregistered land will disclose advance notices affecting the subjects. We are unable to delay dispatch of reports on the possibility of any future registration activity, such as the recording of an advance notice. If you require an update of the title position after the date of certification of your report, a continuation report will provide the desired information. In respect of transfer of part applications, a plans report will disclose the existence of any extant advance notice affecting the subjects.

Reports will be certified to the end of the working day immediately preceding the date of dispatch. For example, a report completed on Tuesday 12 March would reveal an advance notice recorded on Monday 11 March.

Competing titles

Competition affects a very small number of titles in the land register. Through completion of the land register these titles will be identified and the matter resolved.

The position on competition will be clear from the existing 1979 Act title sheets, with the existence of the competition disclosed in the proprietorship section. Indemnity will also have been excluded, based largely on the order of registration because the issue of competition would generally only become apparent on the second title being registered. The position will be clear from a legal report and also from the title sheet when exhibited to the seller.

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