Service standards 2022-23

Published: 01 July 2022
Freedom of information class: How we're performing

We are transparent and publish statistics showing how well we perform against our service standards.

KPI quarterly update

In our corporate business plan 2021-2026 we outline our four strategic objectives. We're using a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure we achieve them.

We want to be transparent and share our progress on a quarterly basis.

KPI update January - March 2022

Our KPI update January -  March 2022 will be the last one reporting against this Corporate Plan and related KPI measures.

Read our updated Corporate Plan 2022 -  2027.

Land register completion

Learn more about our progress towards land register completion.


We continue to work hard to clear our backlog of cases.

The work programme to clear this arrear has been developed with the customer at the heart of its solutions but it is taking longer than originally estimated.

Our most recent six month review of the corporate plan addresses how we plan to meet these targets.

The figures below show monthly progress on how we’re completing cases in the backlog.

BacklogMay 2022June 2022
Total arrears 107,060108,497
Oldest case 13 January, 2017 13 January, 2017

Stock review

June 2022 In service standard Out of service standardTotal
2017 -4,6094,609
2018 -18,49718,497
2019 -24,11924,119

Service standards by register

Here's how we have performed from 4 April to 25 June 2022 (end of week 12 of 2022-23):

Registration type Service standard Applications completed2022-23
Enter new land register applications on the application record 1 working day 125,338 100%
Chancery and Judicial Registers 3 working days 14,185 100%
Crofting Register 3 working days 180 100%
General Register of Sasines 20 working days 2,56081.2%
Land register applications for deeds affecting registered land 20 working days 52,20794.2%
Land register applications for deeds affecting unregistered land 20 working days 2,09879.1%
Land register applications for deeds affecting part of registered land where the keeper has given development plan approval 20 working days 1,09227.0%
Register other applications for deeds affecting unregistered land 6 months 2,71771.0%
Register applications for deeds affecting part of registered land 9 months 2,90943.1%