Delivering the benefits of a complete land register

The Land Register is our main register and records ownership of land and property in Scotland. The Land Register is map based.

This offers greater certainty to:

  • property owners
  • potential purchasers
  • lenders.

It is also beneficial to government, citizens, and the economy.

Latest figures for January 2024

Total land mass coverage is calculated by adding:

  • land that is in the land register
  • current casework in progress at Registers of Scotland
  • data that we have unlocked through Unlocking Sasines
Land mass and address coverage
 Percentage % change from last month
Total land mass coverage95.0% 0.2%
Progress towards a functionally
complete land register
87.1% 0.0%*

*The total number of functional addresses registered by RoS increases every month. However, due to the large number of new addresses in Scotland added by Ordnance Survey last month, the percentage of functional completion has remained the same from December to January

Find out more about address coverage by visiting our page on functional completion.

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