Functional completion

Address coverage of properties that regularly transact.

Functional Completion is when most land and property that transacts regularly is on the land register.

Calculating functional completion

A figure is estimated by subtracting land and property that rarely or may never sell.

For example, removing social housing and some large land and estates, from the total number of addresses in Scotland that are held in Ordnance Survey AddressBase.

The number of properties in Addressbase can fluctuate due to the building of new properties and the demolition of others.

Estimation of functional completion

We estimate that the number of properties that will transact by the end of 2024 and will be functional complete will be just under 2.5 million.

These addresses are:

  • varied in type
  • estimates

Benefits of functional completion

This means:

  • the process of buying or selling is more likely to be quick and straightforward
  • most people get the benefits of a fast and smooth transaction

The table below shows:

  • addresses we already have on the land register
  • casework in progress at Registers of Scotland
Address coverage by month
FC addressesJuly 2023August 2023Change
In the land register 2,133,5022,137,4973,995
In progress 63,125 62.302-823
Total 87.0% 87.1%0.1%


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