About granter and grantee

Our deed request form will ask you to provide the details of the granter and grantee. These are the parties to the deed.

If you're:

  • selling your property, you would be the granter of the deed. The person buying your property would be the grantee.
  • looking for a will, then the granter is the person who made the will. Please note wills are usually registered after the person who made it has passed away.

Another common example would be a mortgage over your property. In this case, you would be the granter, and the bank would be the grantee.

For a sasine deed

The granter and grantee and a date of recording are the minimum requirements for the copy deeds service.

For a land registered deed

We require the title number, granter and grantee and the date of registration.

If you do not know the granter or grantee

If you do not have the information described above, a search will be required; see details of our Property Help Service or Land Title Investigation Service.

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