Scotland's Land Information Service (ScotLIS) lets anyone search for information on land and property in Scotland.

Find a property on ScotLIS

What can you do with ScotLIS?

ScotLIS lets you quickly and easily find out:

  • when a property was last sold
  • how much it sold for
  • whether it’s on the land register
  • its title number
  • its boundaries on an Ordnance Survey map

The data on ScotLIS comes from Scotland’s official land register.

ScotLIS for business users

Legal and conveyancing specialists can use ScotLIS to search our registers and buy search results.

Business users can:

  • search the Land Register of Scotland
  • buy title sheets and title plans
  • search the General Register of Sasines
  • buy search sheets

They can also search our Judicial Registers:

  • the Register of Inhibitions
  • the Register of Deeds
  • the Register of Judgements

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The information you get from ScotLIS is backed by the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012.

The future of ScotLIS

We’re continuing to develop ScotLIS further. Over time we'll be adding features to help you research property information in areas you might want to move to, or get official documents for your own property.

Support and feedback

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