Voluntary registration

Scotland is moving towards a single system of registration for land and property titles. You can protect your land and property by moving your titles to the Land Register of Scotland.

Voluntary registration allows the owner of a property that’s not on the land register to apply to register their title at any time.

Titles on the land register are easier, faster and cheaper to transact with. Registering your title will:

  • clarify the exact boundaries of your land
  • include a state-backed warranty, giving protection against claims of adverse possession
  • facilitate disposal of surplus land and property
  • make estate management easier
  • make succession planning more straightforward
  • help with refinancing
  • increase transparency of ownership

We’re offering a 25 per cent discount on our fees for voluntary registration until at least mid-2019.

Scottish ministers have asked all public bodies to use the voluntary registration process for their land holdings. Other landowners can choose whether or not to register.

Preparing your application

To register your property, you’ll need to submit an application, including a suitable plan or description that accurately reflects the exact boundaries of your land or property. This will allow us to define exactly what you own on the land register map and ensure there are no overlaps with neighbouring properties already on the register.

We have a range of services to help you with your application.

Voluntary registration advice

For advice on the voluntary registration process, email lrcompletion@ros.gov.uk.

Next steps

Next steps: read our voluntary registration guide

Working out the cost of voluntary registration

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