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New to RoS

Registers of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land

In this webinar, RoS presents the Register of Persons Holding a Controlled Interest in Land (RCI), a RoS register, required by law, that will be available from 1 April 2022. RCI will show who has significant influence or control over the owner or tenant (for more than 20 years) of land and property in Scotland, where this information may not be publicly transparent elsewhere.

Dual Registrations

This webinar takes a look at Sasines-Land Register dual registrations. It aims to help you to better understand how RoS deals with the main types of applications affected by the Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 200 and avoid rejections.

Searching Sasines

An effective sasines search can benefit from experience and expertise. Through this webinar recording you learn the essentials of searching sasines successfully.

Back to basics

Back to basics: We’re here to help & FAQ

This webinar takes our customers back to the basics on some of our services.

Back to basics: Plans

This webinar takes our customers back to the basics on plans and how to interpret them, covering guidance and recommendations.

Back to basics: Digital Submissions

This webinar takes our customers back to the basics on digital submissions, covering of the principles of the service, tips to avoid rejections and how to deal with non-digital documents.

Registration Webinars

An Introduction to Post-Registration Enquiries and Rectifications

This webinar gives examples of inaccuracies that come up in the register and includes learning about Inaccuracy, Rectification and Manifest Error Procedure.


The Expedite team walks through when and how to expedite a case, the requirements for the Expedite Service, and how to make sure that applications are accepted first time.

How to avoid rejections

This webinar will take our customers through the common type of rejections encountered during registration and how to avoid them, including top reasons for rejection and the requirements for a successful application.

Interpreting plans reports

In this webinar, members of our Plans Reports team take a deeper dive into parts 2, 3 and 4 of the Plans Report including the reports response and corrective conveyancing and rectification.

Register Land and Property (RLP): Demonstration and next steps

This webinar walks our customers through the new way to register land and property and updates them on what’s coming next as part of the digital registration journey.

Register Land and Property (RLP): Development Plans Approval

In this second webinar, the RLP team presents a new feature which allows our customers to submit DPA applications.

Register Land and Property (RLP): Overview, updates and Q&A

This webinar covers the RLP basics for anyone who has not used it yet, but focuses on new features and FAQ.

Unlocking Sasines

This webinar aims to make information in the Sasines register more readily accessible for our customers.

ScotLIS Webinars

Beginner's Guide to ScotLIS

This recording gives an introduction to ScotLIS and the features available.

ScotLIS Sasines

This recording of a live webinar gives an overview of the features available on ScotLIS when searching the Sasine register in a series of examples.

ScotLIS Public

Aimed at public users of ScotLIS, this recording gives an overview of the key features to enable you to get the most out of the service.

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