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RCI: Understanding Regulation 23A

The webinar will support your understanding of regulation 23A. This regulation  covers the situation where all trustees/office bearers on the property title have ceased to be trustees/office bearers and no longer have a legal connection to the property. We will give an overview of the legislation, work through some examples and explain how to submit an entry.

* Please note, this webinar is specific on a topic. If you are a beginner to RCI, you might prefer to first watch our Beginners Guide here. And there is a good overview of RCI at .

Duration: 45 minutes with question and answer session

Expedite Webinar

Tuesday, 24 October, 10:00 - 10:45

Join Gill Martin, Head of RoS Customer Engagement for a detailed look at our Expedite Service. The webinar will cover:

  • Recent changes made to streamline and improve the process
  • How to submit a successful application

Duration: 45 minutes with question and answer session

The Crofting Register

Introduced in 2012, the Crofting Register is the first official register to give crofters legal certainty over the extent of, and interests in, their crofts.

Join us for an update on the Register and a look at it in relation to the Land Register.

Duration: 1 hour with question and answer session

Post-registration enquiries and Rectifications

Wednesday 29 November, 10:00 – 11:00

Join our post registration enquiries team for a a whistle-stop tour of inaccuracies in the land register, rectification requests and the manifest error procedure.

Illustrated with a series of examples, this webinar will give you a good overview of the topic and end with a Q&A session.

Duration: 1 hour with question and answer session

ScotLIS: A beginner's Guide

This webinar is a comprehensive introduction to the key features of the ScotLIS service, including how to get the most out of:

  • Accessing the land register and sasine register
  • Interactive map functionality with added data layers
  • Downloading and emailing title information and improved search benefits

Duration: 1 hour with question and answer session

ScotLIS Sasines

This webinar will give you an overview of the features available on ScotLIS when searching the sasine register, including:

  • A brief history on ScotLIS
  • An overview of the Presentment Book & Minute book and the search options and features available.
  • A walkthrough of the Sasine Register and what information is available on ScotLIS, demonstrating when a Sasine search links to the Land register.
  • End to end examples of searching the Sasine registers highlighting the different features and functions on ScotLIS.

Duration: 1 hour with question and answer session

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