A new way to register land and property is now available

Published: 10 June 2021

We’ve introduced a new way to register land and property.

You can now request access on behalf of your firm.

Register land and property (RLP) provides a new seamless experience that connects related advance notices, applications and submissions. This removes the need to move between services and minimises the data you have to key in, dramatically reducing the time spent registering your deeds.

A searchable dashboard integrated into your online services account provides access to your work. You can also review and/or continue the work of colleagues in your firm.

RLP currently supports dispositions and standard securities over the whole of single registered titles, and we will introduce support for additional types of applications in the future.

What our customers are saying about it:

  • “Crikey, that was quick!”
  • “Actually quite exciting"
  • "Very efficient"
  • "I can see a lot of advantages to this”

Watch our demo video.