Queen’s Jubilee – 3 June 2022 application record closure

Published: 04 April 2022

We will be closing the application record on Friday, 3 June 2022, for one day.

During the extended bank holiday period, our opening hours will be:

  • Thursday 2 June - open
  • Friday 3 June -  closed
  • Monday 6 June open

Digital submissions over the bank holiday period

The tables below outline the dates of registration and the earliest customer confirmations can be expected for our digital submission services over the bank holiday period.

These will vary depending on the submission date and service.

Land register, sasine register, Register of Inhibitions and Register of Judgments

Customer submitsSubmission confirmationPresentment date/Registration date (earliest)Customer acknowledgement (earliest)
2-5 JuneSame day of submissionMonday 6 June

Tuesday 7 June

Register of Deeds (post)

The Register of Deeds has the same bank holiday opening period as the property registers. Mail received on the days the register is closed (3 June) will be accepted but not processed until reopening on 6 June.

In general, the issuing of extracts from the Register of Deeds is not time critical. However, if any urgent extracts are required, the original writ(s) should arrive with the keeper no later than 25 May.

If the need arises for urgent extracts of new recordings after that date, contact us by email: cajr@ros.gov.uk.

Customer submitsPresentment date / Registration date (earliest)
Thursday 2 JuneSame day registration
Friday 3 JuneMonday 6 June