Register Land and Property now supports discharges

Published: 06 October 2022

You can now submit both paper and digital discharges using Register Land and Property (RLP).

What’s changed?

Our Digital Discharge Service (DDS) has been incorporated into RLP.

This means you should use RLP for all new discharges.

If you have digital discharges which have already been started, don’t worry, you can still resume and track them using the existing DDS dashboard as usual.

The overall registration process is more streamlined as both paper and digital discharges are handled in the same service.

  • If the lender supports digital discharges, the process in RLP is just the same as the existing Discharge Service.
  • If you are submitting a paper discharge, submit it through RLP as you do with any other deed

In RLP you can:

  • add the discharge to a case you’ve already created (e.g. for your security), or create a new case for the discharge if it’s standalone
  • check which type of discharge is required for any given security before even creating a case
  • submit discharges separately from other deeds in your case
  • track the status of your discharge and see when it has been submitted and registered
  • save time by managing your discharge within RLP along with your other related deeds, and track the progress of the whole transaction in one case

Learn more

Visit our Register Land and Property page to see a demonstration video on submitting discharges within RLP and updates on upcoming changes.