EQIA: Registration and Legal Grow Our Own

Published: 27 April 2023
Freedom of information class:

Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) under the Equality Act 2010.

Business area:  Registration and Policy & Legal

Accountable Director:  Billy Harkness

Completion Date: 24 April 2023

Review Date: August 2023

Ref: CW-2023-062

EQIA Summary

The scope of this EQIA is the roll-out of the latest Grow Our Own (GOO) proof of concept which includes both Registration and Policy & Legal roles. This will be done through a new, fast tracked learning process and will allow a wider scope of potential candidates to participate.

Potential negative impacts have been identified in relation to age and disability due to the learning portfolio tool not yet being built. These impacts are mitigated with the proposed actions included in the proposal. These will be revisited once there is a better understanding of the tool.

The proposal could have a significant positive impact across several the protected characteristics as it provides a more collaborative, flexible approach in comparison to the traditional approach to Registration and Policy & Legal upskilling. It also has a positive impact as it allows for candidates of all registration experience to apply, where traditionally these roles have required years of experience. Actions proposed will enhance this positive impact.

Find out more information in our Grow Our Own pdf.

Impact Summary

Impact (s) Recommended Actions
Potential negative – age Be considerate of wording throughout the campaign.
Ensure there is support for successful candidates throughout the process.
Potential negative – disability Ensure all training and learning is accessible/accessibility tested.
Potential positive – across several protected characteristics Two-way conversations between successful candidates and managers will ensure any issues are identified quickly and adaptations implemented.