EQIA: Winter Heating Strategy

Published: 13 June 2023
Freedom of information class:


Winter Heating Strategy Trial - (804.5 KB)

Business Area: Estates
Accountable Director: Corporate Services Director  
Completion date: 19/12/2022
Review date: July 2023
Ref: CW-2022-440

EQIA Summary

This EQIA relates to a trial in MBH of the proposed reduction of office temperature 19⁰C. Following the completion of the trial the EQIA will be reviewed and updated as required ahead of any proposed live roll out.

There is evidence of potential negative impacts of cold temperatures against the protected characteristic of age, disability and pregnancy. There is no specific evidence of the impact of a reduction in temperature to 19⁰C, so this will have to be gathered through consultation as part of the trial.

Beyond equalities considerations, office temperature is often very subjective and careful consideration of colleague feedback from the proposed trial will be required before implementing this proposal. Local temperatures across both buildings will also have to examined thoroughly, to ensure that they do not fall below the agreed minimum

Impact Summary

Impact(s) Recommended Actions
Age - negative
  • Trial in single wing
  • Clear communication of trial required
  • Review of local temperature across offices
  • Consideration of partial implementation
Disability - negative
Pregnancy - negative