FOI release: Unique correspondence cases

Published: 19 November 2021
Freedom of information class: How we deliver functions and services

Information request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA).

FOI reference: CW-2021-348
Date received: 25 October 2021
Date responded: 19 November 2021

Information requested

You asked for the total number of unique correspondence cases logged between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021 for the following areas:

  • Data protection requests (including subject access requests and other data subject requests made possible under GDPR)
  • Freedom of information and Environmental Information Regulations
  • Complaints
  • Ministerial correspondence (questions from MPs made on behalf of their constituents)
  • Parliamentary questions (questions raised in parliament requiring information from you)
  • Any other official correspondence type, such as enquiries, feedback or compliments which are logged and tracked.

You were seeking additional information such as:

  • the percentage of these which were answered on time (only where there is a mandated response time)
  • the total number of unique cases and not specifics such as the number of individual emails that have been sent or received whilst working on each case
  • which software application is being used to track these requests i.e. Excel, Sharepoint, Access or a specific case management tool


Customer satisfaction2020-21
No. of active complaints within RoS control to solve0
No. of complaints78
CSAT rating)90% (target 80%)
No. times survey a year4
No. orgs participate in surveyTop 400 (over 5000 individuals)
No. enquiries to Covid – 19 mailbox (as at 23rd Feb 21)258
Phone calls59215

Our Customer Service team are responsible for triaging emails and calls that come into RoS. The figures above relate to emails and calls that come in via our customer service team, these are often referred on to different business areas and are tracked using Salesforce. Customer Service log and track compliments and complaints using Excel Spreadsheet but general feedback is not treated in the same way. This is instead reflected in our CSAT rating which is gathered by survey.

Number received78
Average response time14
FOI response to service standard (20 days)100%
DP response to service standard (1 calendar month)100%

Our Information Governance team is responsible for FOISA and Data Protection requests. These are logged and tracked using Excel Spreadsheet.

MSP enquires148
NO. PQs4
Ministerial submissions57
Official correspondence411
Post-registration enquiries7828

Ministerial and official correspondence is logged and tracked using Excel Spreadsheet, final responses to MSP enquiries are then logged on Salesforce where appropriate. Ministerial Submissions are instances where RoS has contacted the minister. This will result in the receipt of an acknowledgement.

Post- registration enquiries are logged and tracked using Cool Ice.

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