FOI Release: Revenue from services for previous 5 financial years

Published: 26 October 2023
Freedom of information class: How we deliver functions and services

Information request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA).


CW-2023-397 Information - (19.5 KB)


FOI reference: CW-2023-397
Date received: 14 September 2023
Date responded: 24 October 2023

Information Requested

1. For the last 5 full financial years, please provide the information about revenue from and the number of transactions or signed agreements for:

  • ScotLis title deeds,
  • Country of Origin Company Report,
  • Land registry special searches (e.g. for titles not in ScotLis or archival searches of the Land Register), and
  • Bespoke data reports.

2. Please also provide a copy of the guidelines, manuals or policies used by staff when carrying out bespoke data reports or data lookups (such as the title number to Inspire ID lookup).

You subsequently clarified that you are requesting transaction and revenue information for Land Title Investigation Service, Property Searches and Copy Deed requests instead of ‘Land registry special searches’.


The answers to your questions are:

1. Please see the attached spreadsheet ‘CW-2023-397 Information’ for the information requested relating to ScotLIS, Country of Origin Company Report, Bespoke Data Reports, Land Title Investigations, Property Searches and Copy Deed Requests.

2. We do not have any guidelines, manuals or policies for carrying out bespoke data reports or data lookups. However, please see the attached ‘Data Matching Licence Template’ for details on the different report options, service summaries and information provided under each type of report.

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