Service standards 2019-20

Published: 02 April 2020
Freedom of information class: How we're performing

We are transparent and publish statistics showing how well we perform against our service standards.

KPI quarterly update

In our Corporate Business Plan 2019-2024 we outlined our four strategic objectives and identified a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) that would act as targets to ensure we achieve them.

We are committed to being transparent and will be sharing our progress against our KPIs outlining what the target is and when it is due to be achieved on a quarterly basis.

In our first edition, as well as sharing our detailed progress towards the KPIs, we have added a key to help you see at a glance what’s been delivered over the quarter:

  • the green tick indicates we have met our target
  • the amber tick that we are making good progress
  • the amber cross shows that we have some work to do in this area
  • the red cross denotes that we have missed this target

KPIs April - September 2019

Land Register completion

Completing the land register by 2024 is one of our Strategic Objectives.

A completed land register will be a national asset for Scotland making property transactions easier, faster and cheaper.

February % completeJanuary % completeProgress
38.4%36.9%+ 1.5%

Land mass coverage - February 2020


The Keeper of the Registers of Scotland addressed our registration backlog in 2018. These are all cases that have fallen outside our service standard.

The backlog is stable or trending down apart from a small proportion of complex cases.

We're working towards a target of 2020 to clear the majority of these complex cases.

Our corporate plan addresses how we plan to meet these targets.

The figures below show monthly progress on how we’re completing cases in the backlog.

 February 2020March 2020
Total arrears 58,28759,938
Oldest case 13 September 201613 September 2016
Cases older than 2 years completed 96%97%
First Registrations complete against 2016 target4,378 (100%)4,378 (100%)
Transfer of Parts complete against 2016 target3,815 (95%)3,834 (95%)

Service standards by register

Here's how we have performed from 31 March 2019 to 28 March 2020 (end of week 52 of 2019-20):

  Service standard Applications completed2019-20
Enter new land register applications on the application record 1 working day 567,288100%
Chancery and Judicial Registers 3 working days 77,462 100%
Crofting Register 3 working days 1,083100% *
General Register of Sasines 20 working days 11,746 100%
Land register applications for deeds affecting registered land 20 working days 229,026 99.4%
Land register applications for deeds affecting unregistered land 20 working days13,99639.3%
Land register applications for deeds affecting part of registered land where the keeper has given development plan approval 20 working days 7,185 100%
Register other applications for deeds affecting unregistered land 6 months 18,79247.7%
Register applications for deeds affecting part of registered land 9 months 17,168 40.5%

* Note: this value was previously reported incorrectly due to an issue with the supporting data which has since been corrected.