KPI update April 2019 - March 2020

Published: 29 April 2020
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View our KPI update for April 2019 to March 2020.

In our Corporate Business Plan 2020-2025 we outlined our four strategic objectives and identified a series of key performance indicators (KPIs) that would act as targets to ensure we achieve them.

We are committed to being transparent and will be sharing our progress against our KPIs outlining what the target is and when it is due to be achieved on a quarterly basis.


Progress towards achieving our targets for land register coverage, the arrear, carbon footprint and paper usage has been slowed down in the last two months by Covid-19.

Strategic objective one

Complete Scotland's Land Register by 2024

Land register coverage 39.2% 41.7% (12 month target)
No arrear by September 2020 30,304 (excluding Cat Bs) 23,677
All new applications within service standard by September 2020 96.8% N/A
Applications quality 90.5% 93%
Key data points quality 98.3% 98%

Cat B applications

A Cat B is application to register a deed affecting part of registered title where the registered title does not form part of a development. Current Cat Bs and associated cases in arrear are 29,633.

Strategic objective two

Lead on the innovative provision of land and property data

IT service availability 100% 99%
Statutory unit cost +6.5% (as of March 2020) -3%
Achieve a return of non-statutory services 10% (as of March 2020) 5%

Statutory unit cost and registration arrears

The 3% reduction in statutory unit costs target is reporting red, with a 6.5% increase in overall unit cost. This is as a result of the mix of products changing as we clear our registration arrears.

These products are more complex and so more expensive to complete, and so our overall unit cost is higher. However, we have improved our efficiency on all our main products, reducing individual unit costs by between 4% and 15%.

Strategic objective three

Develop and deliver digital improvements

Customer satisfaction 83% 80%
Customer effort 84% 60%
Increase ScotLIS customer sessions +16% N/A

Strategic objective four

Invest in our people

Carbon footprint reduction (as of February 2020) -2.1% -6.0%
Paper usage +10.7% -11.5% by September 2020
Investors in People  Silver Gold by September 2021
Reduce contractors 24.6% 0%
Increase IT staff -6% 15%

Civil service people survey

This employee engagement survey is run annually across the UK civil service.

Increase participation Engagement score
73% participation 59%

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