Published: 03 March 2022
Freedom of information class: About Registers of Scotland

We treat complaints seriously. Find out how to send a complaint to Registers of Scotland and how we'll deal with it.

Complaints form

Use this form to contact us with any queries.

Complaints about our service

Complaints fall into six categories:

  • quality of service
  • service delivery
  • speed of service
  • limitations of service
  • change issues
  • service charges

If you make a complaint that falls outside these categories, we'll direct you to the relevant procedure.

Our complaints handling process

We aim to resolve complaints quickly and simply.

Our complaints handling process provides two opportunities to resolve complaints internally:

Stage one: frontline resolution

We'll aim to respond to your complaint within five working days, or sooner if possible. We'll either resolve the matter or let you know we're investigating your complaint.

Stage two: investigation

If we investigate your complaint, we'll confirm this to you within three working days and tell you the name of the investigating officer. We'll give you a full response to your complaint as soon as possible.

We aim to provide our final response within 20 working days of receipt, but it's not always possible and we may need to extend our investigation. If this happens, we'll keep you updated and give you a resolution timescale.

Download our complaints handling procedure which embraces the standardised, government-wide approach.

Please also make yourself aware of our unacceptable behaviour towards staff policy.

Post registration enquiries will, on request, investigate the content of a title sheet if you consider it is incorrect.

If there is found to be an inaccuracy in a title sheet, the Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012 provides the legal process under which rectification of that inaccuracy may be achieved. The act also provides a legal framework under which appeals may be made against any decision taken by the keeper in compiling a title sheet or rectifying an inaccuracy.

If you are dissatisfied with the delivery of service by the keeper, rather than a legal decision that has been made, then this will be considered as a complaint.

Independent external review

If you're still dissatisfied after using our complaints handling process, you can contact the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) at:

Bridgeside House
99 McDonald Road


Freepost SPSO (no other address details required)

Phone: 0800 377 7330
Online contact:
Mobile site:

Complaints performance (2021-22)

Stage one

Complaint types per quarter
Complaint categoryQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
Service Delivery105-
Speed of Service71410-
Service Charges201-
Limitations of Service312-
Quality of Service232-
Complaint decisions per quarter
Complaint decisionQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
Upheld 61418-
Partially Upheld011-
Not upheld 931-
Withdrawn 100-

Stage two

Complaint types per quarter
Complaint categoryQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
Service Delivery002-
Speed of Service142-
Service Charges000-
Limitations of Service211-
Quality of Service021-
Complaints decisions per quarter
Complaint decisionQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
Upheld 033-
Partially Upheld211-
Not upheld 122-
Withdrawn 000-