Environment Policy

Published: 17 June 2022
Freedom of information class: About Registers of Scotland

Environment policy 2022

Purpose and Scope

This policy sets out RoS commitment to addressing the climate emergency and supporting the Scottish Government’s aim to be a net zero nation by 2045.

This policy applies to all staff.

This policy is supported by the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy 2021 to 2026.

Guiding Principles

The principles of the policy are to commit to reducing our impact on the environment through effective sustainable management of our operations and estate. Additionally, through staff engagement, ensuring sustainable development goals are embedded into day to day working practices.

The Policy

Registers of Scotland (RoS) is committed to:

  • protecting the environment and minimising emissions arising from activities
  • assessing the environmental impact of all business activities
  • minimising our use of paper, energy, and other natural resources
  • fulfilling our compliance obligations in line with Scottish Government legislation and the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act

As part of our effort to continuously improve our operations and environmental performance, RoS has set the following objectives:

  • encourage and facilitate good environmental practice amongst staff and provide the necessary resources and training required
  • investigate and implement measures to reduce our energy and water consumption
  • reduce waste production, recycle as far as reasonably possible and raise awareness through signage and training
  • reduce the need to travel, utilise sustainable transport for business use and encourage alternative transport methods for staff commuting to work
  • procure materials, products and services within a framework that encourages sustainability and promotes the circular economy
  • protect and enhance biodiversity on our estate and contribute further afield
  • set realistic targets for reducing our environmental impact
  • comply with legal and other requirements

Roles and Responsibilities

The Environmental Management Group is responsible for the content of this policy, its approval and review. They are responsible for ensuring its implementation in practice and for monitoring this over time. They are responsible for ensuring that appropriate procedures, guidelines, or standards as are required to support this are maintained and ownership for these assigned appropriately.

The Sustainability team will champion the Environmental Policy and ensure the principles and commits are embedded within Sustainability; Climate Change Strategies.

This policy will be made available on our website, to all RoS staff, contractors, and suppliers.

Approval and review

This policy will be reviewed and approved by the Environmental Management Group annually, unless earlier review is appropriate.