Asset 2: Equal Pay

Published: 28 April 2023
Freedom of information class: How we deliver functions and services

In RoS, we agree that all employees should be paid equally for doing work of equal value, as per the Equality Act (2010).

We continue to work with our Trade Union (PCS) to support this.

We see our pay gap reporting (gender, disability and race) as being a key part of our Annual Report and Accounts. As such we will continue to mainstream pay gap reporting in this publication. This ensures that consideration of colleagues with protected characteristics is core to our organisational governance.

RoS Annual Report 2021-22

Last year, we noted that we had introduced new reporting mechanisms to report on disability and ethnicity pay gaps. This added to our reporting of our gender pay gap.

We reported:

  • no gender pay gap
  • a mean disability pay gap of 5.69% with a median of 0%
  • a mean ethnicity pay gap of 13.56% with a median of 6.93%

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