Tops tips for Automatic Plot Registration

Published: 02 May 2022 - 1:45pm

Top tips for Automatic Plot Registration

Avoid the possibility of rejection and get it right on your Automatic Plot Registration (APR) applications.

Before you submit, follow our top tips to avoid the most common errors.

Don’t forget to:

Use the correct forms

Some customers are incorrectly using the FR form and selecting deed type “other”. This deed type should not be used for leases.

Use the APR form to submit leasehold applications.

Submit the lease

Sometimes, when a customer submits a variation of assignation of a lease, they can forget to include the lease itself. This could lead to a rejection.

Always double check the lease is submitted with the application.

Answer the questions about landlord’s titles

If there are servitude or burden’s deeds affecting the landlord's title, the questions must be answered ‘yes’ and the deeds stated in the form and submitted.

Convert long leases using dispositions

Use a disposition, not an assignation for a First Registration, if a lease has been converted.  Using an assignation could lead to a rejection.

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